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Kickstart Position: Video Game Community Manager

Mind Feast Games

Making games that bring people together socially and emotionally

To apply for this job, you must be claiming Universal Credit and 16 to 24 years old as it is funded by the UK Kickstart scheme.

There’s too much loneliness in the world. Over here at startup studio Mind Feast Games we believe that gaming can bring people together. The new cooperative game we are working on helps people to feel connected to each other socially and emotionally. We’re soon to launch a public demo on PC and we’ll be building the game and growing the community at the same time. When ready we’ll release on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch as well.

Your role will be to help grow a community of players. We want to encourage a warm and supportive online community where people feel happy to join in, find people to play the game with and also create levels and mods and share them with the community.

Your daily tasks will include:
– Talking and planning with the team
– Creating online posts to attract people to the game and to the community
– Managing our Discord server to make it a fun place where people want to stick around
– Developing a relationship with and understanding the community
– Adjusting your work based on feedback from the team
– Being the community voice when we are making plans so that our decisions are always good for the players

We work remotely from our respective homes so you can be based anywhere if you have internet access. We coordinate with each other via video calls, text chat and scheduling software. Working hours are flexible, one of our co-founders has young children so we understand the need to balance work and family life.

– You have good reading, writing and communication skills
– You enjoy interacting with people online
– You enjoy making content (images/gifs/memes/videos/comments etc) to share on social media and in Discord communities and can show examples to us
– Your posts on social media and Discord are engaging and tend to spark discussion and receive positive reactions and you can show this to us
– You have an interest in marketing and can demonstrate this to us though past examples of your activities
– You communicate in a way that makes people feel valued and welcome
– You enjoy working in a small team and following a team vision but also want to share your own creative ideas
– You value honesty and want to be part of a positive working environment
– You care about doing a good job and want to grow and improve. You can show this to us using examples from a past job or from a degree qualification
– You are excited to join a new video games studio and further your career in the games industry

If you want to apply for this role please contact your work coach at the job centre and let them know you want to apply and then follow the application instructions on the DWP web site.