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Welcome Back!

Back in 2019 we had some great meetups, and were all on our way to having a Cornwall Games stand to showcase local games at Develop Conference 2020. Well obviously things didn’t go quite as planned and Cornwall Games retreated back to being an online Slack group.

But as we edge to some kind of new normal we decided Cornwall Games should relaunch. Now we’re back and stronger than before. We’ve always had goals to be there for the community and now there’s so many new ways we are able to do that.

New logo, new website – we have a directory of developers, job listings, industry events listings, a shiny new space to showcase local content and developers to the world. We’re busy posting opportunities in the Slack channel and engaging the community. 

It costs nothing to join in on the conversation, to take part in the community. Please give us feedback and help guide us by joining us in the Slack! 

We now have our first new meetup planned for Wednesday 8th Spetmber 2021 including a guest speaker. Just click to join in from 5pm BST – no ticket required. Looking forward to seeing you there!